A Horse in a Public Hall

Why did he ride his horse into the Institute?

Our history committee has finally obtained permission from the Port Lincoln’s Magistrate Court to review the court documents in the Archives so hopefully soon we may have an answer.

Watch this space!

Thank you SA Power Networks

In July the Institute was lucky enough to receive a grant of $5000 from SA Power Network Community Grant for the project “Keep the milk cold and the water hot”, which was a much needed kitchen appliance upgrade for the Institute’s Supper Room.

From this:                                               To this:

And this:                                                To this:

Thank you SA Power Networks!

Looking Good!

Over the last week of August Ceduna Stone Mason Barry Vaughn and his apprentice Cody could be found working on the stone dado around the Institute.

During the January school holidays someone conducted a malicious attack on the building’s foundation by randomly pulling off parts of the dado’s render. This then exposed the foundation stones to the elements. They also threw large pieces of the render onto the new supper room roof. Unfortunately the render was unable to be patched and instead the dado was cleaned up and re-pointed.

In what seemed like a blink of an eye the job was done and the building has never looked better!

Many thanks to Barry and Cody for their outstanding work.

“and then there was light…. again”

When rewiring of the Yaninee Institute’s supper room we discovered that speaker wire was powering the Main Hall lights and those wires ran hot. To avoid a flaming disaster it was decided to rewire the Main Hall’s electrics as well.

Many thanks to The Eyre Peninsula Community Fund and to the Yaninee Sports Club for their contributions towards funding. Special thanks to Brett Unsworth from Livewire Solar and Electrical Systems in Kimba for completing the job. Brett gets a five star review from us for his excellent and reasonably priced effort as now, the Yaninee Institute will be safely glowing for our community for another 100 years.

WWII Role of Honour

Yaninee Institutes Roll of Honour was recently added to the Virtual War Memorial.

Link to Yaninee Institute Roll of Honour webpage

“Virtual War Memorial Australia (VWMA) is an outstanding commemorative collection, purpose built to honour the personal experiences of all those who have served the nation in times of conflict,  from the Boer War through to Afghanistan. It pays special honour to those who lost their lives as a result of their service and equally honours those who returned, forever changed.” © vwma.org.au

The Rolls of Honour were made to acknowledge and recognise the sacrifice of those who served our country during the Second World War. They were made within 5 years of the end of the conflict. Communities would fund raise to purchase the display and the names listed were nominated by those in the community.

The Yaninee Roll of Honour has 35 names listed. Most names have a corresponding page on the VWMA website outlining where they were from, where they enlisted and how long they served. One of those listed is still alive today, Gordon Keith Post. Unfortunately there are several soldiers listed that we don’t have any details. We would like to know more about the brave individuals who fought for our country and are honoured in our town, so if you or your family have any information about those on the Yaninee Roll of Honour, please contact us.